Terminal Games

June 2021 | Play tetris, pong, snake, solitaire, and more on Terminal with emacs

Open Terminal, then copy and paste the following commands to play the game:

  • Tetris: emacs -q --no-splash -f tetris
  • Pong: emacs -q --no-splash -f pong
    • Right player: up and down arrow keys
    • Left player: 4 and 6 (or left and right arrow keys)
  • Snake: emacs -q --no-splash -f snake
  • Solitaire: emacs -q --no-splash -f solitaire
  • Doctor: emacs -q --no-splash -f doctor
  • Life: emacs -q --no-splash -f life
  • Dunnet: emacs -q --no-splash -f dunnet
    • Text-based adventure game



Open Terminal, type in emacs -q --no-splash -f tetris, and hit Return: