Git Log

January 2022 | Using git log to view a list of commits


To see a summarized view of the previous commits, use

git log --oneline

git log shows a list of all commits including their hash, author, data, and message.

# `git log`:
commit 2c6dceefade99a83198aceb3bb21eb85f43ffa71 (HEAD -> main, origin/main)
Author: ninest <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 22:39:32 2021 +0800

    Fix type

commit 2e4f41bd5f3589b7c294f19604a8bb359b449920
Author: ninest <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 22:23:00 2021 +0800

    Complete mini-projects section

commit e441503ceb30d5c1784e0b55ba62b945bd317fcf
Author: ninest <>
Date:   Thu Dec 30 22:10:00 2021 +0800

    Minor styling improvements



This will show a summarized view with the hash and commit message only

d7163ec Fix themes
cff4bc8 Remove next-themes
e69a82c Add icons for previous posts
46ae287 Fix overscroll error
d342008 Add all blog posts
8eef0d2 Add some previous blog posts
6820037 Add /blog page
4fb9e8c Add README
46b0919 Add work experience and icons

-N, where N is a number

Shows the last N commits. For example, git log -5 will only show the last 5 commits, and git log --oneline -5 will show a summarized view of the last 5 commits.

2c6dcee (HEAD -> main, origin/main) Fix type
2e4f41b Complete mini-projects section
e441503 Minor styling improvements
1ecd04c Add mini projects and section component
68b7d1f Add GA

View more options on the documentation for git log.