May 2020 | A party game to get to know your friends better

The downtime provided by COVID-19 gave me the opportunity to experiment with new technology concepts. I decided to put these concepts together and build a fun app as opposed to my previous more serious projects.

Shots was one such experiment. I wanted to see if it is possible for me to use Flutter, a new and growing framework, to create a smooth "card-swiping" motion. While there were certainly many setbacks, I think it was a success overall. I made a decision not to use any existing implementations of swipe-able cards in Flutter.

The project has 100+ stars on GitHub.

In developing this app, I published my Swiping Cards Plugin for others to use on their own project. It currently has 25+ likes, 90+ Pub Points, and has an overall popularity of 80%.

Current status

Due to time constraints and commitment to other projects, I am unable to work further on the plugin. However, it is open-source, so anyone is able to use my code as a starting point.